Who, being loved, is poor?

Keira, My mug. 19. New York. Lesbian. What my thoughts consist of, are not easily expressed in one train of thought, spend some time getting to know me, let me enlighten you, you never know... you might just be intrigued.

When I have my camera in hand.

-When my pen hits paper.
Anonymous asked: I miss you, a lot a lot. We used to be so close, now we barely talk at all. It really sucks. Yaknow?


Uhhh? Who are you?




Bodyyy shots I’m on bottom

God damn

Shiiit. 😳

(via samax3)

child I am babysitting:How do you get grownup teeth?
me:You lose your baby teeth
child I am babysitting:they fall out!?
me:they fall out
child I am babysitting:do you still have your baby eyes?
child I am babysitting:or did they fall out
me:you keep the same eyes all your life
child I am babysitting:*touches eyes* whoa
Anonymous asked: How do you feel about your ex getting a similar tattoo as you?


Dude it’s their body, if they see something that they like and want to get it tattoo’d, more power to them.
But like, I would want them to have meaning behind their shit you know? All three of mine have a really big meaning to them.. And if they copy it, I don’t know if meaning is so important to them, which is fine..I do plan on getting some tattoos that don’t mean shit.. But knowing already that mine have my own meanings and so much pride is put into them, I would just hope they have a good meaning behind theirs. Other then that, let them do whatever they want, i’m pretty sure i’m not the only one with this writing on my stomach or the owl on my arm, of even the Bee on my foot so.. Lol

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